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Every part of your life relies on you having a good health

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  • Clara Chammas

    Holistic Health Coach & Psychologist

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  • Rola Ghaddar

    Intuitive Eating Dietitian & Health Coach

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  • Tracee Younan Baz

    IIN Health Coach - specialized in Emotional Eating

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  • Yasmina Dakik

    Pediatric Nutritionist & Picky Eating Specialist | IIN Health Coach

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  • Dr Cherine Bazzane

    Family Physician specialized in Morphological & Anti-Aging Medicine

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  • Hala Sahili

    Pediatric Nutritionist & Lactation Consultant

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  • Nadine Abdelnour

    Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Hormone Health Coach

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  • Mirella El Roumi

    Certified Baby Led Sleep & Well Being Specialist

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  • Lama Al Aridi

    Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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  • Sally Zalzali

    Breastfeeding Specialist | Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition

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  • Mirna Sabbagh

    Dietitian & Child Nutritionist

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  • Face Yoga with Chloé

    Certified Face Yoga Specialist

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  • Danya Khadige

    Holistic Health Coach, Specialty in Women’s Hormones.

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  • Soraya Aouad

    Holistic Heath Coach & Self-Taught Cook

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  • Dana Sarhan

    Clinical Psychotherapist

    Couples & Sex Therapist

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  • Coaching by Cynthia

    Pregnancy Coach & Breastfeeding Specialist

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  • Ali Ayache

    NCSF certified Strength Coach

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  • Doja Sarieddine

    Certified Conscious Parenting Coach

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  • Maryta Ibrahim

    Licensed Dietitian with a masters in Human Nutrition.

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  • Layal Fayad

    Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach
    Certified Sleep Sense™️ Consultant

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  • Dana Saab

    Certified Positive Discipline Educator

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  • In Loving Memory of Didi Wellnest

    Holistic Nutritionist & Clinical Hypnotherapist

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