Our Mission

Hello Healthy is a holistic health service based on well-being + self love. We aim to raise awareness on the importance of health and help you feel good in your body by guiding you through the process of establishing healthy, sustainable & simple daily habits that will transform your lives.

About The Founder

Psychologist & IIN Health Coach

Hello, I'm Clara. Your Holistic Health Coach.

My main mission is to raise awareness on the importance of health. I believe it all starts in the small, simple, daily habits. Prioritize your health & the rest will follow.

My Journey
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Invest In Yourself

Good health is the most important component in someone's life

Your health is at the center of your life. Every part of your life relies on you having a good health

  • Healthy Green Juice

    Kickstart your day with this green juice & flood your body with vibrant vitamins and minerals! 💦🍋🍏🌱⚡️

    Full Recipe 
  • Summer Salad

    The taste of summer in a colorful, refreshing salad!

    You have to try this salad & let us know how it goes.

    Full Recipe 
  • Mango Protein Juice

    This ultra creamy protein mango 🥭 smoothie is perfect for summertime ☀️ 🏖

    Full recipe 
  • Summer Fruit Salad

    Try this simple fruit salad made with leftovers mangoes 🥭 leftovers apples 🍏 & passion fruit.

    Full Recipe 
  • High Protein Snacks

    The KEY is to choose snacks that are both nutritious + protein-rich.

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  • Greek Salad

    This «Greek salad» is packed with fresh tomatoes, whole-wheat bread, feta cheese, & shiny olives; like they make it in Greece! 🫑🧅🫒🍅🥗

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