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Tracee Younan Baz

Emotional Eating Basic Coaching bundle

Emotional Eating Basic Coaching bundle

Do you:

- Often use food as a purpose other than nourishment.
- Ignore hunger signals: a disconnection between how hungry you are and how much you are eating
- Use food as a coping mechanism for emotions that you don't want to feel 
- Have feelings of guilt, shame or powerlessness
- Often feel a sudden or urgent need to feel satisfied (a feeling that's usually still unsatisfied, even with a full stomach)

If your aim is to:

- Lose (or maintain your) weight in a healthy way
- Overcome the emotional/binge and restrict eating cycle
- Differentiate between hunger and cravings
- Gain more confidence 
- Feel lighter, healthier, more energetic and present
- Manage stress and gut/digestive issues
- Lead a happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyle

This basic program is a good way to start understanding yourself and your eating habits & building a healthier and happier relationship with food.

Sessions include coaching but also educating and motivating you towards a healthier, happy and sustainable lifestyle.

Together, we will cut the link between emotions and food. 

Emotional Eating basic coaching program includes:

- 4 sessions of 60 min each

- 60min initial consultation

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