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 Hello healthies,

My name is Doja Sarieddine, I am a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach. I help mothers who feel challenged to raise an emotionally healthy child while being the only emotional and financial supporters of their families. I integrate personal development strategies with conscious parenting methodology to help mothers develop easy communication with their child, eliminate emotional stresses that trigger the child’s resistance to listening and create a dynamic of parental connection that is easy, fun, and long-lasting.

I'm passionate about helping you grow into the best version of yourself through your experience of motherhood. In the first stage of the work together we understand the parental challenges and then we use these challenges to dive deeper into understanding ourselves. There is no way we can grow an emotionally healthy child without understanding how we support the health of our emotional well-being.

Are you wondering “how would I build a deeply connected relationship with my child when I am feeling so burnt out and internally unfulfilled ”? 

Are you fed up with trying the traditional ways of disciplining with your child and ready to finally develop a deep and trustful parental relationship that is long lasting and self-empowering for both of you? 

Are you frustrated from being the only available parent for your child and ready to learn ways on how to satisfy your child’s needs and support your OWN emotional needs?
Are you tired of the continuous feelings of guilt and looking for a deeper understanding of parental strategies that transform you into a confident mother raising a child with high self-esteem? 

5 years back, I realized that traditional ways of parenting were NOT supporting me in fulfilling my child’s inner satisfaction and growing my child’s healthy emotional and mental development and therefore enjoying a happy and confident motherhood journey. 

I was in the EXACT same place with my daughter when I was going through a divorce and working full time as a researcher, with a 3-hour daily commute! I knew deep inside that what I wanted for my child started with me making the change, but I had to figure out so many pieces of the puzzle to become the mother I knew I wanted to be.

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