Collection: Lama Al Aridi

Hello Mamas, 

Are you lost in google and social media searching for "sleep cures" for your little one, only to be left more exhausted than ever?  

Trust me, I've been there! 

As a previously sleep-deprived mom and now a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant from IPSP-US, I've experienced the magic of customized sleep plans, and now I want to help you find that same transformation! 

No more one-size-fits-all solutions! I work with both you and your baby to create a schedule that respects everyone's needs.  Whether it's bedtime battles, frequent night wakings, or early rising, I'm here to guide you with:

  • Compassionate coaching based on your unique situation
  • Gentle, proven methods that put baby's development first
  • Support every step of the way as you navigate sleep independence

Imagine those happy mornings after a full night's rest!  Let's work together to reach them and create a calmer, happier home for everyone.

P.S. I also help with potty training!  As I'm a certified Potty Training Consultant from IPSP-US.