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Hello healthies, it’s Soraya, founder of Sunchef and certified holistic health coach.

I’m here to help you understand how to find your balance. There is no one size fits all formula - your journey is unique to you. It is always crucial, however, to understand our own agency - our health is a vehicle and we are able to navigate it. 

I’m here to help you:

Realise that cooking is much simpler and more accessible than you may think
Prepare healthy meals that don’t compromise on taste
Learn simple skills to integrate easily in your everyday life
Organise your time efficiently to create hassle-free nutritious meals 
Understand and improve your food dynamics
Gain self-awareness and become an expert on yourself

    It all starts with what goes into your body. In other words - food. How you eat is essential to creating balance in your life - it has the ability to nurture or hinder your experience. 

    If you’re interested in designing your personalised path towards holistic health, get in touch!

    Health and happiness are always just around the corner.

    From my happy belly to yours

    Soraya aka Sunchef

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