Collection: Hala Sahili

Hala Sahili is a dietitian specializing in pediatric nutrition and lactation consultancy. 
She is the founder of the Beyond Breastfeeding platform, using her voice to inspire and support families across the Middle East, Europe, and other parts of the world. 

She supports and guides families throughout their early days of parenting - covering the entire journey from the newborn phase through weaning to solids, and beyond. 

Hala adopts an individualized holistic approach, by combining science with parents' goals, to help them establish a healthy feeding routine early on. 

Hala just became a mother herself and is practicing everything she advocates with her own baby daughter.

Have any question regarding breastfeeding, pumping, milk supply, or baby feeding routine…? Book a one-on-one session or one of these bundles and she will support you in your breastfeeding journey !

Solid Food:
Weaning onto solid foods is my favorite milestone, both parents enjoy this experience, as the baby starts to join the family at the table. Unfortunately, the information out there is confusing to parents as there are many different approaches and misconceptions around this topic (when to start, how to start, how & what to feed your baby…).