Collection: Mirella El Roumi

About the coach:

Certified Baby-Led Sleep and Well Being Specialist 

Since becoming a mom, and with all the challenges she faced, Mirella's passion for breastfeeding, positive parenting, Montessori, and natural living grew. Being part of a community of moms, she realized how society’s lack of support and ingrained misconceptions, have a toll on parental mental health, from both family and friends and most health professionals. 

There is actually a HUGE need for support when it comes to sleep & well-being in babies, especially for parents who are NOT comfortable with the concept of sleep training & prefer to follow their baby’s lead !

Moms are choosing self-sacrifice in order to respect their baby’s natural development because they think there is NO other choice.

In the hopes of helping families, Mirella is currently working on raising awareness of normal baby sleep & supporting moms when needed.

She is also undergoing continued education in lactation, baby reflux and colic, and maternal mental health.