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Mirna Sabbagh

Comprehensive Feed with Confidence

Comprehensive Feed with Confidence

What is included?

It includes the Feed with Confidence Course + all the below MasterClasses:

- Advanced picky eating strategies MasterClass. 

- Obesity solutions.

- Weight gain tips for underweight kids.

- Night and bottle weaning MasterClass.

- Nutrition label expert course.

What is this course about?

This course is a 2 hours pre-recorded course and can be watched from the comfort of your home on a laptop or phone.

After years of working with parents, I realized that most parents have similar concerns like:

1. Is my child eating enough? Is the growth normal? And is my child getting all the right nutrients?
2. I would love to cook healthy but I seriously don't have enough time or I keep running out of ideas
3. Is my child considered a picky eater? How can I reverse that or prevent it?

The bonuses will also help parents of overweight kids, picky eaters, underweight kids and more!

After this course, you will be confident in the food choices you give your child and also armed with tools on how to handle any situation.


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