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Tracee Younan Baz

Emotional Eating 101 bundle

Do you:
- Often use food as a purpose other than nourishment.
- Ignore hunger signals: a disconnection between how hungry you are and how much you are eating
- Use food as a coping mechanism for emotions that you don't want to feel 
- Have feelings of guilt, shame, or powerlessness
- Often feel a sudden or urgent need to feel satisfied (a feeling that's usually still unsatisfied, even with a full stomach)

This mini bundle is an introduction to emotional eating. 
It is the right bundle for YOU if you want to know more about how I can help you need guidance and support.

Emotional Eating 101 bundle includes:
- 2 sessions of 45 mins each
- 45 mins initial complimentary consultation 
P:S This bundle is exclusively for Hello Healthy

Reach out to know more,

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