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Tracee Younan Baz

Emotional Eating Intensive Wellness Program


Do you:
- Often use food for a purpose other than nourishment.
- Ignore hunger signals: a disconnection between how hungry you are and how much you are eating
- Use food as a coping mechanism for emotions that you don't want to feel 
- Have feelings of guilt, shame, or powerlessness
- Often feel a sudden or urgent need to feel satisfied (a feeling that's usually still unsatisfied, even with a full stomach)

If your aim is to:
- Lose (or maintain your) weight in a healthy way
- Overcome the emotional/binge and restrict the eating cycle
- Differentiate between hunger and cravings
- Gain more confidence 
- Feel lighter, healthier, more energetic and present
- Manage stress and gut/digestive issues
- Lead a happy, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle

This program is the emotional eating terminator!
12 sessions of coaching, motivation, and education.
If you have been struggling with emotional eating for a long time than this plan is for you. You will finish this program feeling IN CONTROL of your health and build a better understanding of how to tackle cravings and emotional instability when it comes to food.
Together, we will cut the link between emotions and food. 

Emotional Eating Intensive Wellness Program includes:
- 12 sessions of 60 min each
- 60 min initial consultation


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