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Tracee Younan Baz

Intensive "Indulge Don't Binge" program (12 sessions)

Intensive "Indulge Don't Binge" program (12 sessions)

Are you struggling with emotional eating? Do you often eat for reasons other than nourishment, ignore hunger signals, or use food to cope with your emotions? If so, our Emotional Eating Intensive Wellness Program is designed for you.

The "Indulge don't binge" program aims to help you:

  • Lose (or maintain) weight in a healthy way
  • Break the cycle of emotional/binge and restrict eating
  • Distinguish between hunger and cravings
  • Boost your confidence and energy levels
  • Manage stress and digestive issues
  • Lead a happy, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle

This program includes:

  • 12 sessions of 50 minutes each
  • A 30-minute initial consultation

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