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dana saab

Never Too Late to Change Parenting - Bundle

Never Too Late to Change Parenting - Bundle

The foundation of parenting is YOU. And it’s never too late to change your parenting style if you are not happy about it. You are a great parent. I know you are. The proof is that you are here reading this. If you want to do things differently and learn how to do that then this bundle is for you. Change is not easy but I promise you it is doable. I am here to show you how baby steps can make a difference in your life. It’s never too late to make a change no matter how much you feel you messed up in your parenting journey.


This bundle is the first 4 foundational parent coaching sessions you need to start a new, fresh, confident, and secure beginning in your family relationship.

This bundle is for you if:


You want to have a good, healthy and joyful relationship with your children and/or partner.

You want to understand your triggers when you yell/punish your children and learn how to break this cycle.

You want to learn how to repair “not so good” unwanted moments.

You want to feel confident and equipped with the right tools to change your parenting style in the most difficult moments with your children.

You want to yell less & connect more with your children.

4 online sessions !

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