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Cynthia Rizkallah

Surfing through labor.

Surfing through labor.

10 tips for a positive and smooth birth experience


Going through labor is a lot like surfing. Between the waves, the surfers are waiting and watching, focused on the wave that's coming. As each wave approaches, they mentally and physically prepare to ride the wave. If they get distracted and are not well prepared, the next wave will crash over them, pushing them under the water, and all they can do is try to survive that wave. They will get through it as best they can and they'll be even be more prepared for the next one.

 Contractions also come in waves and if you're prepared for the waves, they won’t overcome you! This class is designed to help you surf above the waves, going through each contraction like a pro! I'll be the lifeguard training you and giving you tips on how to go through your birth experience as smooth as possible!


We will be talking about all the things you can physically and emotionally do to make that happen! Preparing both your mind and body for the day you'll finally go through life's biggest miracle.


Duration: One hour and a half

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