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Yasmina Dakik

The Art & Science of Lunchbox - Program



The instability of blood sugar coming from different lunchbox packaging causes stress, lower concentration and learning abilities at school. There are different ways to prevent irritability at school and promote a child success environment by adding healthy little ideas into their lunchbox

A. Between history and innovation

  1. Why people of the past attack people of the future

  2. What went wrong with old habits

  3. The changes research is backing


  1. What is the importance of a well-balanced diet for education?

  2. What kids eat at different age?

  3. The Anatomy of a lunchbox?

    1. Should we worry about Carbs?

    2. Consuming packed foods.

    3. Consuming milk products.

    1. Keeping school lunchboxes safe.

    2. What food should parents not pack in the lunchbox

A. Strategy: Key to success

  1. Plan ahead

  2. Use your weekends wisely

  3. Freezer is your best friend

  4. Pantry essentials

B. Variety is important

1. Tips to increase variety without scaring children away from their lunchboxes

C. What Art has to do with Picky Eating?

  1. Tips to getting kids to eat

  2. Best gadgets to buy

  3. Pack like a pro

D. How much is too much?

+ online community Q&A - happening on October 8 for 1 hour !

You'll receive the full recording of the 3 parts, a detailed booklet with recipes & more, you will also be added to a support whatsapp group where you can communicate with Yasmina and exchange with all other moms! 

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