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sally zalzali

Preparing for Birth and Well-being - Program

Preparing for Birth and Well-being - Program

Program by Sally Zalzali (@sallys_station)

About this program:

An integrated approach that ensures you are well-equipped physically, nutritionally, and emotionally for the journey ahead.


Section 1: The Transformative Power of Exercise: Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum Recovery

  • Elevating Your Pregnancy Journey
    • Safe and suitable exercises tailored to pregnancy.
    • How pregnancy-appropriate exercise can enhance overall well-being and comfort during.
  • Preparing the body for birth
    • Key muscle groups that play a crucial role in labor and delivery.
    • Exercises and practices that support optimal positioning and strength for labor.
  • The need for physical postpartum recovery
    • Common Postpartum Considerations and Exercise-Based Management
    • Exercise While Breastfeeding: What You Need to Know

 Section 2: Nourishing Your Postpartum Journey: Nutrition and Recovery

  • Crafting a Balanced Postpartum Meal Plan
    • Guide participants in the creation of a practical and nourishing meal plan designed for postpartum recovery and breastfeeding.
  • Nutritional needs and considerations during the postpartum phase.

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